How to Choose a Right e-liquid for New Vapers

An E-cigarette or a vaping device is an electronic material that has an atomizer and e-liquids. The liquid or juices are flavored. Devices just convert the liquid to vapor,How to Choose a Right e-liquid for New Vapers Articles sounds simple right? Yes, it is unless you have to only vape. When it comes to choosing the right device and e-juice, this process seems complex. You need to take into consideration many factors that can fit in your vaping style.

E-juice is simply not a liquid, you can see many flavors like tangy mango, mint, tobacco, alpine berry, etc. Brands like Vaperesso, Smok, Aspire are well known to serve a splendid variety of e-juices. You can find some e-juice flavors that you may have not heard of, for instance, Ruthless e juice or nasty e juices.

What factors you must consider before picking an e-liquid?

Vaping is not just blowing vapors in the air. Everyone has his/her style. If you want to realizer the flavor, it means you need a strong flavor. Many new vapers stick to tobacco or mint. For ex-chain smokers, tobacco is a favorite. Though if you want to come out of the tobacco zone, you can try flavors that are hit in other countries like the USA, UK, Canada. The same companies are offering an exotic range of vape liquids in Dubai. You can find some of these brands on the internet.

Talking about the factors that you can take into account while choosing e-juices are-

Nicotine strength
Device compatibility
Vaping style

Explaining all the factors below in detail-

Nicotine strength- Everyone has a choice in it, however, no brand keeps the strength beyond the permissible limit, still, it varies, it could be anywhere b/w 1.8 to 2%. Even a 0.2 % difference could differ from the vaping experience.

Device compatibility- Some e-liquid pods come with an already filled tank. On putting e-liquid of another brand, you may not feel get the feel. So, you have checked the compatibility issue with devices.

Vaping style- Some vapers just want to do experiments with vapors but some want a real hit on their throat. Mouth to the lung is another vaping style that usually smokers follow. This factor also drives you to choose the right e-liquid.

Tit-bits on e- liquid

It is imperative to know about the e-liquid composition. After all, you should know what you are vaping.

All liquids either come in propylene glycol (PG) base or vegetable glycerol base (VG). These chemical names are not there to haunt you. It has got some meaning that you must know. Maybe you are allergic to composition, not the flavor.

So, VG is sweet and produces more vapors. PG based e-liquids donโ€™t produce more vapors rather it produces more flavor for a great hit to the throat.

Now, what vaping experience you want, you can pick the product by just seeing the composition. Some e juices come in the composition of both in the ratio of 40:60 PG TO VG. You can test flavors of different compositions and in case you feel allergic, you can save yourself.

Testing time

Some flavors are just made for you then you start vaping with that flavor only. However, prolonged use of one flavor can reduce the fun.

If you want to add something to your vaporesso pods vaping experience, you must test the flavors.

There are plenty of options available to choose from. Either you like a blend or a single flavor. For instance, if you like tobacco, vanilla, you can move further to experience the taste of grape, mango. You can also try the tobacco mix or mint mix. People who are aware of tobacco will not mind a blend of this flavor as you are aware of taste.

Some people donโ€™t mind any flavor because they like to experiment with vaping techniques. If you are one such person, you can skip the testing part, as it has nothing to do with rings coming out.

Final thought

You can pick any brand and explore the flavors. You can surely find some uncommon flavors. If you donโ€™t want to do experiments, you can stick to conventional flavors. But if your vaping experience is not too good, you need to switch to another type of e-liquid. That is all about e-liquids.


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