The Best Accessories for Central Vacs

When it comes to maximizing the efficiency and versatility of Central Vacs, choosing the right accessories can make a significant difference in cleaning performance. Here are some of the best accessories to consider for your central vacuum:

1. Powerheads

Powerheads are motorized cleaning attachments designed for deep cleaning carpets and rugs. They feature rotating brushes that agitate and lift dirt and debris from carpet fibers, providing superior suction and thorough cleaning. Look for powerheads with adjustable height settings to accommodate different carpet thicknesses.

2. Turbo Brushes

Turbo brushes are air-driven attachments ideal for cleaning upholstery, stairs, and other delicate surfaces. They use turbine-driven brushes to agitate and lift dirt, pet hair, and debris without the need for electrical connections. Turbo brushes are versatile and effective for maintaining furniture and curtains.

3. Hard Floor Brushes

Hard floor brushes have soft bristles or felt pads that gently clean hard surfaces such as wood, tile, and laminate flooring. They prevent scratching while effectively capturing dust and debris. Some models feature swivel necks for easy maneuverability around furniture and tight spaces.

4. Crevice Tools

Crevice tools are narrow attachments designed to reach into tight spaces and corners. They are ideal for cleaning between sofa cushions, along baseboards, and in car interiors. Crevice tools vary in length and shape, allowing for precise cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

5. Dusting Brushes

Dusting brushes feature soft bristles that gently clean delicate surfaces such as lampshades, blinds, and shelves. They effectively remove dust without scratching or damaging surfaces. Dusting brushes can also be used for cleaning vents, keyboards, and other electronics.

6. Upholstery Tools

Upholstery tools are wide, flat attachments with soft bristles or felt strips that clean upholstery and curtains without causing damage. They efficiently remove dust, pet hair, and debris from fabric surfaces. Some upholstery tools include lint pickers for enhanced cleaning.

7. Extension Wands

Extension wands allow you to extend the reach of your central vacuum hose for cleaning high ceilings, ceiling fans, and drapes. They connect to various attachments and can be adjusted to different lengths for versatile cleaning applications.

8. Hose Socks

Hose socks are fabric covers that slide over the central vacuum hose to protect walls, furniture, and delicate surfaces from scratches and scuff marks. They also help prevent the hose from getting caught on corners and edges during cleaning.

9. Inlet Valves with VacPans

VacPans are built-in inlet valves installed at floor level in kitchens, bathrooms, or mudrooms. They feature a toe-operated switch that activates suction, allowing for quick and easy cleanup of swept-up debris without using a hose or attachment.

10. Remote Control Systems

Remote control systems allow you to operate your Central Vacs wirelessly. They include handheld remotes or wall-mounted controls that enable you to turn the system on or off, adjust suction levels, and activate cleaning cycles from a distance.


Choosing the best accessories for your Central Vacs depends on your specific cleaning needs and the surfaces you regularly clean. By selecting a combination of powerheads, brushes, tools, and extensions, you can enhance cleaning efficiency, maintain indoor air quality, and maximize the versatility of your Central Vacs to suit various cleaning tasks throughout your home.


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